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Blackmar relative home - built about 1860, 1225 4th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia. "Put it in your Blackmar genealogy- Archie Jr. when is President will need it for the papers."

1418 4th Avenue, Columbus, Ga., April 26, 1895. Mr. & Mrs. A. O. Blackmar on right side of porch - children, grandchildren and in-laws. Youngest in the picture Susie Blackmar (born Feb 12, 1895) other baby in arms Mary Blackmar (born Sept 24, 1897)…

Mary Ann Blood Blackmar, John Blackmar Ellis, Archie Augustus Drake III, April 26, 1931. Great mother's 100th birthday- 1418 4th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia" - portrait - woman seated - boys standing.

Photo of one-story frame house of gingerbread style. Mrs. Dana Blackmar - Dana B., Jr. Woman on porch, child on steps Columbus, Ga. 1422 4th Avenue (about 1894). Not at the bottom of the image: This house was town down c. 1949-50 and replaced with a…
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