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Students rehearsing for the play "Marat/Sade". David Fortuna and D. Arnold Powell carry Bruce Greging on their shoulders.

MC5 Box1 M F31

Unidentified Columbus College students performing "Oh Dad, Poor Dad".

MC5 Box1 M F30

Three unidentified students in Columbus College's production of "The House of the Blue Leaves"

MC5 Box1 M F29

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Round sign with a red and black diamond and spiral motif in the center. It read: " Pasaquan- Afro- American- Indian- Nature- Corporative" around the perimeter, just inside a scalloped aluminum edging. Label on reverse from previous exhibit at the…

MC327.A.P.0001 (FRONT).JPG
Woman with red bow and blue shirt set within an interior bedroom scene. Nails protrude from all four outward edges.

L-R: Sandy Linver and Chris Abbattisti rehearse for the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf"

Train Station Burger King on Manchester Expressway marking off their tables to encourage physical distancing. Covid-19 Pandemic.

De Brahm, an engineer/surveyor who arrived in Georgia with the Salzburgers, executed the first large-scale southern map that possessed topographical accuracy. He used the scientific surveys of others and conducted his own for several years. This…

Many scholars view this as the most important map in American history because of its role in defining the new nation. Mitchell, a Virginian educated in medicine in Edinburgh, created this map for political reasons, to show how the French were…

The precise history of this map, drawn a year after the settlement of Savannah, is shrouded in mystery, but most scholars see the hand of James Edward Oglethorpe, “Georgia’s cartographically astute founder,” as being involved in drawing and…

Perhaps the last map printed of Georgia as a colony, this appeared in J. Hinton’s Universal Magazine, one of several gentlemen’s magazines circulating in London. During the American Revolution, Hinton’s journal included maps of all of the…

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Emanuel Bowen’s map shows the full width of the Georgia colony from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River or French territory in 1748. Harris first published his atlas in 1705 and for the 1744-48 and 1764 editions added a chapter on the history of…

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The title of English Empire in America reflects its 1695 publication date, almost a decade before the Acts of Union of England and Scotland (1706 & 1707) that created the Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Empire. Even so, John Senex…

Known as Moll’s “Sasquesahanok Indian Fort” map after the image in the upper left, the map’s title indicates its design, to refute Guillaume Delisle’s “Carte de la Louisiane” map (1718) that showed circumscribed English land claims…

A picture of Lloyd Bryd wearing a baseball hat, standing in front of a brick wall with a baseball glove on his left hand and a baseball in his right hand.
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