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2. Drane-Stevens House

William Arthur Drane (1860-1932) was a leading doctor and surgeon in Marion County. A native of the county, Drane had graduated in 1882 from the University of Georgia’s medical school. He maintained his residence and professional practice in Buena Vista, the county seat. Descending from early planters, this family was prominent in the state of Georgia.

Drane and his wife, Margaret Bryan Drane, purchased the property in 1882 where they built a modest cottage on the two acre lot.  In 1903, their daughter, Margaret Drane Hornady, built the elegant residence currently located on the property.  This house was built in front of the original home which was later dismantled.  In the fall of 1921, Mrs. Hornady sold the property to R. W. Stevens, the owner of a cotton warehouse on the town square.

Set against the beautiful, southern landscape of oak and pecan trees, the home greets visitors with a beautiful wrap-around porch supported by Doric columns.  Once inside, the large central entrance hall is surrounded by pairs of rooms, creating the Georgian-style floor plan.  The dog-legged staircase leads to a central landing between floors that features stained glass windows.  The second floor includes 3 bedrooms, each containing their original mantels.  Baseboards, wood doors, door surrounds, mantels, and floors are decorated with elaborate woodwork.

Drane-Stevens House. Photograph courtesy of David Rush, 2016.

Submission Composed by Paula Crawford-Corrick, April 16, 2016

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