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3. Alfred and Jane Ables House

The Alfred and Jane Ables House was built in 1892 by Alfred Ables, a former slave who became a businessman.

It was built in what is best described as “folk Victorian” style, a New South design for homes that typically belonged to the middle and upper class of rural Georgia.

Alfred and Jane Ables House, Buena Vista, GA. Photograph courtesy of David Rush, 2016.

Located in a predominantly African American neighborhood, the design and architecture of the home is significantly different from that of the homes around it. Having been restored in 1993 by a resident of Buena Vista and by one of Alfred Ables’ granddaughters, the home has maintained much of its original design. In 2001 it received an Excellence in Restoration award from the Georgia Trust.

Alfred Ables is best remembered in the community for providing jobs and housing for the poor. Upon his death in 1916, he donated 16 acres of land on which was built to build an African American school.  

Submission Composed by Chandler Garrett, April 16, 2016

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