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Bach Collection (SC1)-Box 1 – Index Cards




Bach Collection (SC1)-Box 1 – Index Cards


This is a card file index to the sheet music collection of Vincent Bach (VB). Each index card has the following information: VB number; title; Composer, Duration (usually not noted); Arranger (if any); Country (usually not noted); Publisher (which usually included name of publisher, place of publication and year of copyright); and Remarks (if any). There are from one to three sets of cards for each section, one numeric, another alphabetical by name of composer and a third alphabetical by title of work.

The card index is divided into XX sections: BB – Band Arrangements; BE – Etude Books; BM – Miscellaneous Music (only one set of 6 cards; BO – Orchestral Music; BP – Piano Accompaniment; BQ – Quartets.

The sheet music is arranged in VB numeric order. The envelope for each piece has a pre-printed list of the parts and numbers of each instrument scored.




“Bach Collection (SC1)-Box 1 – Index Cards,” Columbus State University Archives, accessed February 18, 2020,

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