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Reeves to Carson


Reeves to Carson


Reeves to Carson


This letter was written by Reeves to Carson McCullers in 1953 when he was in Bachivillers. Reeves’s is Carson McCullers husband. They married the first time in September 1937 and got a divorce in 1941. She remarried him in 1945 and during 1953 she was in the process of getting a divorce from him. In this letter, it shows that Reeves cares about Carson a lot and he gave her a choice of getting a divorce or not. He stated in his letter that he is very close to her and he will never stop loving her if even they get a divorce. He was also very concerned about her health and didn’t want her to have any stress. Even though Reeves and Carson McCullers had a very difficult love life due to a fact that both were bisexual, they still love each other dearly.


September 6, 1953


Reeves McCullers


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Reeves McCullers, “Reeves to Carson,” Columbus State University Archives, accessed December 16, 2019,

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