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McCullers' Will & Estate Account


McCullers' Will & Estate Account


McCullers' Will & Estate Account


Carson McCullers holds a prominent place in Columbus, Georgia’s history, and the extent of her legacy can be seen through her will and estate accounting completed by Floria V. Lasky. A small portion of her will and estate accounting are shown here. McCullers chose to will her possessions to her brother Lamar Smith, Jr., her dear friend Dr. Mary Mercer, her sister Rita, and a few other significant people in her life. McCullers’ deep devotion to the people around her is shown through her will. Within McCullers’ will, the estate accounting is included. The royalties from each copy sold of McCullers’ book are listed, and at the very end there is a Statement of Property Remaining on Hand which includes $71,754.41 (1967’s USD value) worth in “books, movie rights, and literary properties”; today, that amount is worth nearly seven times as much as it was in 1967. Her royalties and literary properties may seem like just a number, but in actuality these numbers speak to how successful she was as an author and how impressive she was as a human being.


October 31, 1967


Floria V. Lasky


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Floria V. Lasky, “McCullers' Will & Estate Account,” Columbus State University Archives, accessed December 16, 2019,

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