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Carson & Mary


Carson & Mary


Carson & Mary


These artifacts are letters between Mary Mercer and Carson McCullers that show a more intimate side of their relationship. In the first letter, Carson wrote to her about her book and how she was doing, even sending a flower along with her letter to Mary from Nyack, N.Y. On the same stationary, Carson writes a birthday card to Mary Mercer with a simple heart addressed to "dear mary" which shows how deep their relationship ran beyond just doctor and patient. A telegram written to Mary Mercer from Carson McCullers shows Carson's excitement for Mary to come home to her and expresses how happy she is as "your happy Carson." A poem was written along with the letter describing two people drawn together like a musician merges two strings in a single voice. The last artifact is a telegram that is addressed to Mary that simply states Carson's love and gratitude towards Mary.


February 10, 1959


Carson McCullers


Carson McCullers's Dinner Party Artifact (Letter) - Natalie.pdf


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