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Baby Samuel Wellborn




Baby Samuel Wellborn


Groupings of several photographs on original backing. Writing on the back states, "Kodaks pictures of Baby taken out at Grandfather's when he was a year old. Summer 1908." Moving from left to right, top to bottom, here are the descriptions of each photograph: 1. Photograph of a man (Guy McKinley) with a baby; 2. Photo of a man with baby Samuel Wellborn; 3. Photograph of a woman (Mary McKinley) with a baby (Samuel Wellborn); 4. Baby (Samuel Wellborn) in a chair; 5. Woman (Mary McKinley) with baby (Samuel Wellborn); 6. Woman (Mary McKinley) with baby (Samuel Wellborn); 7. Woman (Mary McKinley) with baby (Samuel Wellborn); 8. Photograph of a man (Guy McKinley) on a horse with a baby (Samuel Wellborn)


Summer 1908


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