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Carson McCullers dictating a letter to Elizabeth Schwartz [Carson's German translator who lived in Switzerland] and a second letter to Dr. Mary Mercer.

This and the next 2 items consist of David Diamond (1915-2005) reading selections from his diaries which concern Carson and Reeves McCullers. They were read for Margaret S. Sullivan by Diamond on September 27, 1977. Occasionally Sullivan will ask him…

An interview by Margaret S. Sullivan with Helen Harvey, conducted in Harvey's home in Columbus, Georgia in the 1970s.

Annemarie Minna Renee Schwarzenbach (1908-1942) was a Swiss author, photographer and inveterate traveler. She lived in New York before and during World War II and was a very important figure in the life of Carson McCullers. This is a tape of…

Margaret Sullivan reading the second part of a 24-page essay about Annemarie Schwarzenbach, written by Countess Ruth Landshoff-Yorck von Wartenburg.

Margaret Sullivan reading “44 pages, mostly Jester Clane, with the first page The History of Death about Mr. Malone”.
The recording ceases after 1 minute and 40 seconds.
There is no Side B.

Margaret Sullivan continues her reading of the draft of McCullers' short story, Jester Clane.

Margaret Sullivan concludes her reading of the draft of McCullers’ short story, Jester Clane.

Letters relating to Newton Arvin and also to John Huston, and McCullers upcoming trip to his home in Ireland to discuss his work on her novel, Reflections in a Golden Eye.

Margaret Sullivan concludes the material relating to Carson McCullers' trip to Ireland in 1967.