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A young woman wearing pants and a button down shirt swings at a baseball at homeplate. The catcher and the umpire get into position to catch the baseball in the instance that she misses the ball.

A group picture of young women, four standing and five squatting down in front of them. Three women in the front are wearing baseball shirts with "Tom's" across the front.

A woman wearing a baseball uniform with "Bibb M.f.g" runs towards a base as two other women in baseball uniforms rush towards the same base.

A group picture of the Bibb City Girls' Softball team with some wearing baseball shirts with "Bibb M.f.g. Co." across the front.

A woman wearing a baseball hat and baseball glove stands with one foot on a base while another woman runs towards the base beside her.

Two women from the Bibb City Girls' Baseball team crouches on the baseball field for a picture.