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This was the first American atlas modeled on that of Le Sage’s volume published in Florence, Italy (1806) that focused on European countries and world history. C. V. Lavoisne later produced similar volumes in London. Carey and Lea extended this…

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This image is a copy of Carey’s 1795 map in Guthrie’s Geography with the engraver’s name and date changed. This map continued to be issued unchanged by other printer for at least another ten years. The J. K. Spencer map collection contains two…

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Mathew Carey, an Irish immigrant, became the nation’s first large-scale cartographic publisher of American maps and atlases. He sought to make money and to celebrate the new republic. This particular atlas and Joseph Scott’s Gazetteer of 1795…

The first map of Georgia without its western territory appeared in an edition of Carey’s atlas.

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The same map first appeared in Scott’s The United States Gazetteer in 1795. Scott and Matthew Carey vie for the claim to have published the first American atlas containing state maps. Scott’s “Georgia” includes very little detailed…

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Benjamin Martyn, the secretary for the Georgia Trustees, published a history of the first nine years of their experiment in social engineering. This volume contained a chronology, reports of the Trustees, letters from James Oglethorpe, and a copy of…

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This atlas consisted of 19 maps: an overall U.S., the Northwest Territory, and 17 separate states. The first edition of this work appeared in 1796. Given the format of this portable atlas, its maps were smaller and contained fewer features. In the…

This large map (62 x 53 inches) delineates counties, roads, railroads, and factories. It lists governors and their terms of office. Illustrations feature public buildings, colleges, and scenic points such as Toccoa Falls. The land lots, apparently…

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The first wall map of the state of Georgia, it shows towns, roads, military posts, Indian villages. Existing counties and Indian boundaries are shown in color. Tables list post offices, statistics relating to the individual counties, and geological…

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Published four years later than the Georgia map in Carey’s 1801 atlas, this later version may have been printed from the same plate with two major additions. All of the information on the 1801 and 1805 versions appears to be the same except the…

The primary source for this work was a map produced by Adrian Block in 1614. Working for fellow fur traders within the Dutch West India Company, Block explored and mapped the coast between Cape Cod and Manhattan. His was the first map to show…

Captain John Smith displayed in words and pictures his heroic exploits in Virginia. This account of his capture of Indians and their capture of him along with his rescue by Pocahontas made him the first legendary figure in American history. The map…

Georgia attracted a large group of Lutherans who were expelled by the Catholic bishop of Salzburg in the 1730s. The English “Society for Promoting Christain Knowledge” financed the voyage of the first group. Their first settlement in Georgia on…

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A group of children standing on a dock and while others are sitting in water facing the camera.

A group of children standing on a dock and while others are sitting in water.

A large group of children sitting, standing, or swimming alongisde a dock while facing the camera.

Four men playing pool with three men watching another man shooting the ball.