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Photograph of Colonel William Shepherd, C.S.A. the back of the photograph notes "Confederate Army; Civil War (Veterans) (Made Colonel after the Civil War - Captain during that war)

Note: spelling discrepancies of the name Shepard vs. Shepherd.…

Frank Winfield Woolworth Co. Store with Muscogee Towel window display and Ivory guest soap. Also known as a five and dime store where everything was under 10 cents.

The old courthouse and the new Columbus Government Building in 1972 shortly before the old courthouse's destruction.

White's Books and Stationary and Bonita Photo-plays movie gallery advertising Cap'n Kidd directed by J. P. McGowan with five cars parked on 12th Street.

Unidentified man in car (ca. 1900) with Cargill-Wright Company, 11 9th Street, Columbus, Georgia.

Steamboat with eleven passengers on the Chattahoochee River. A few of the women are shielding their eyes.

Twelve men and women with two children and a dog enjoying a picnic.

The cast from the play held at the Springer Opera House, "Beacause She Loved Him So." Front row, Clifford J. Swift, James W. Woodruff. Second row, left to right: Peter Preer, Allene Tupper (

Charles A. Snider inventor and owner of the Chainless Front-geared Safety Bicycle.

This back of this photograph is labeled "Photograph of Civil War Unit Southern Rights Battery - poss. Capt Joe Palmer of the Harris Artillery out front" however, this photograph is most likely an infantry unit from the Spanish-American War time…

Two copies of a view of an iron cone believed to be of a confederate torpedo.

Photo of Joe Mahan in Linwood Cemetery at the grave site of James Johnson, Governor of Georgia

Georgia farm land being tilled by a man using a plow and a horse. Note on the back of the photograph: "Block or Board generally used in Southern States for covering corn and peas. Seed planted in ridges and cover up 2 rows at a time."

People posing on the deck of the riverboat two of the women's arms are down

Elk's Club Convention - 4th row on right Wm. Cooper Camphill - top row 3rd from right W. R. Sutterall

Two copies of a view of an iron cone believed to be of a confederate torpedo.

Photo of the Columbus Docks and a tugboat in 1968

Photo of a group of men, possibly a work crew for telegraph line. They have climbing gear.
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