Columbus State University Archives

Examples of Primary Sources from the CSU Archives

The CSU Archives is always working to increase our digital presence. A sample of our digital holdings are linked below. However, due to limited staff and other resouces the vast majority of our holdings will mostly likely never be digitized. A sample of our print holdings can also be found below. This is a very small sample of our holdings but represent a good selection of items for an introduction to analyzing primary souces.



  • Crime in Phenix City Poster
  • Images from the Historical Photograph Collection
  • Letters of Augusta Jane Evans to Henry Benning (pre-Civil War)
  • Music Sheets of Blind Tom (1860 and 1866)
  • Prohibition Discussed by Columbus Doctor
  • Slave Newspaper Ads



  • American Archives 1774-1776, located in A.H. Chappell Rare Book Collection
  • Anne Fannie Gorham Civil War Diary (digital typescript)
  • Columbus City Directories
  • Columbus Gazeteer (pre-Civil War)
  • Daniel Cram Letter to Clementina James, 1856, in Lawton Gratham Collection
  • De Bow's Review
  • Hatcher-McGehee Slave Ledger
  • James Thompson Civil War Letters
  • John C. Fremont's 1845 (1st Edition) Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon, and California
  • Laurence Eugene O'Keefe Letters (1861-Letters from a soldier at war home to Columbus)
  • Lloyd's List of Steamboats on the Western Waters
  • Maps of Columbus, 1845 (est.) and 1861
  • Maps of Georgia, 1747, 1795, 1846, 1856
  • National Portrait (pre-Civil War period) located in A.H. Chappell Rare Book Collection
  • North American Review (pre-Civil War period) located in A.H. Chappell Rare Book Collection.
  • Papers of Seaborn Jones & Henry Benning (pre-Civil War)
  • Raphael J. Moses Autobiography
  • Rhodes Browne and J. Rhodes Browne Papers
  • Robert A. Hardaway Diary, located in the Columbus Museum Collection
  • Ruddy Quillian World War II Letters
  • Soil of the South, Agricultural periodical printed in Columbus, 1851-1856, located on microfilm in Archives.
  • Thomas Blanchard Diary, 1860-1861, located in Columbus Museum Collection
  • T.J. Peddy Collection, Creek Letters and Steamboat on the Chattahoochee Lists
Examples of Primary Sources from the CSU Archives