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McCullers' Last Years


McCullers' Last Years


McCullers' Last Years


The relationship of Carson McCullers between partly her parents & Mary Mercer

The artifacts chosen include a newspaper article on the city in New York where Carson McCullers finished the remaining of her years. My second PDF above shows a letter from Carson to Mary Mercer. As I was searching through all the letters, this is one to be if not the last, one of the last written before her passing. The reason I've chosen to explore into Carson McCullers life in New York is because I find it very important that this is where she lived after losing her father, her mother had even moved to live with her. This is also where she was living when she met Mary Mercer which leads to the letter. Another reason for my choices is I have become very familiar with Carson's life in Columbus that this could likely benefit a lot on her life in New York!


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“McCullers' Last Years,” Columbus State University Archives, accessed July 18, 2019,

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