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Photo Gallery

Aerial view of Bibb city

Bibb Mill and surrounding city

Strike form

Comer Auditorium

Mill working speaking

Bibb Mill engulfed in flames

Front view of Bibb Mill

Weaving room

Women in spinning room

Women in spinning room

Black worker

Group photo of workers


Children at work on mill equipment

Newspaper photo of children in Comer Auditorium

Class photo

Newspaper photo of basketball team

Bibb City's Senior Girl Reserves group photo

People at swimming pool

Drawn map of Bibb City area

Mill machinery covered in dust and lint

Mill building

Bibb City water tower and mill building

Aerial photo of Bibb City and the mill

Aerial photo of Bibb Manufacturing Company's plant

Women at work in the mill

mill machinery

large room full of machinery

Dam across the river, mill in the background

Machinery belts

Mill building, west end

Mill building

Front of large mill building with clock

Many cars in parking lot beside mill

A few cars in mill parking lot



Blueprint map of mill buildings and residences

Dusty mill equipment