Columbus State University Archives


This project would not have been possible without the following groups and individuals.


Writer/Director: Becky Becker

Writers: Brittney Allen, Brittany Brooks, Nicholas Crawley, April Hollingsworth, Jacquelyn Kappes, Gwendolyn Labod, Melissa Manning, Carrie Poh, Elizabeth Schad, Cassie Scott, Katie Truett, Jimmy Whelchel, Heather Willis, Nick Wolfe

Designers: Abbey Dutton, Issac Waters

Walking Tour Team: Kizzy Louis, Krista Maggert, Andrew Miller, Jenny Ross

History Exhibit and Interpretive Program

Curator: Amanda Rees
Assistant Curator: Shannon Williamson

Interpretive Writing Team: Meredith Duke, Mike Elston, Jet'aime Kelly, Jamie Houle, Joshua Kinman, Vanessa Lewis, Eric Mosley, Dianne Niles, Sammantha Reddick and Laurel Shapiro.

Image Curator: Meredith Duke

Gallery Guide Development: Frances Griffin and Vanessa Tevebaugh

Self-Guided, Audio, and Character Tour Development: Mindy Gillow, Robert Thomas, and Eric Mosely

Web Development: Gary Deloach and Jeremy Sasser

Design Team: Abbey Dutton and Issac Waters

Special thanks to the following people and entities that made the play and history exhibit possible:

Tony Adam and the Historic Comer Auditorium
Brent Buck and the River Mill Events Center
Mike Bunn and the staff of the Columbus Museum
Fred Fussell
John Lupold
Deb Moore
Giselle Remy-Bratcher and staff at the Columbus State University Archives
Dwayne Tharp
Ann Watkins
Columbus State University Department of History
Columbus State University Theatre Department
Columbus State University Writing Center
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Manuel
Tim McGraw
Alice Pate
David Rush
April Waldron


This is a joint project of Dr. Amanda Rees's geography and history classes and Dr. Becky Becker's theater classes at Columbus State University, Columbus, GA.

We would like to thank Chattahoochee Shakespeare Company for their support.